Welcome to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. We are a Confessional Lutheran Church within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).


COVID Update

We at St. John's are keeping up to date on the developments concerning COVID-19. While the most recent restrictions do not directly effect religious gatherings, we ask you to follow the guidelines currently in place:

   - Stay Home When sick.

   - Stay at least 6 feet apart from other people.

   - Wear face coverings in indoor businesses and Public Spaces.

   - Wash Hands often.

   - Cover Mouth and Nose when Coughing/ Sneezing.

Worship Service Times


Adult Bible Study/ Sunday School- 8:15AM

Sunday Morning Worship Service- 9:30AM

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New Bible Study: “How We Got Our Bible”

We don't have any of the surviving books in the actually handwriting of Moses or handed down directly by the Apostle Paul. So how do we know the words we read in the Bible are the same as what was originally written? This Bible Study series unfolds divine power and providence by which the Lord handed down the very words of the Bible so God's people today can use Scripture with complete confidence.

Our first session in this Bible study will start on November 13. Join us for the next Sundays at 8:15am at St John's Lutheran Church.

Our Mission



The continuing purpose of this congregation, as a gathering of Christians, is to serve all people in God’s world with the gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of the Holy Scriptures (Matthew 28:18-20).

The primary objectives of this congregation shall be:

- To proclaim the law and the gospel, to lead sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for life and salvation (2 Timothy 4:2; Luke 24:26-48).

- To strengthen believers in faith and sanctification through the means of grace (Romans 10: 17).

- To equip believers as disciples, stewards and witnesses for sharing the gospel of Jesus with our fellow men (Ephesians-4: 11-12).