Saturday, December 4th    
   Christmas for Kids 11:00AM-2:30PM     
Registration Form: Click Here  

  Sunday, December 12th
Congregational Christmas Potluck following 9:30 AM Worship Service

 Sunday, December 19th   
Sunday School Children's Christmas Service 9:30AM

* Visits with our new Pastor*
Over the Next Few Months, Pastor Jeff Enderle would like to meet with you or your Family in order to get to know the Members of St. John's in a less formal manner so that he may better serve you and your spiritual needs.  
To sign up for an available time slot, please see the sign up sheet in the lobby.
-IF you would like to schedule a time that isn't on the schedule, please contact Pastor Enderle directly by phone (507) 508-2058 or email Jeff.enderle@gmail.com