Adult Bible Studies

The Adult Bible Classes offered at St. John's cover a multitude of different subjects ranging from Books of the Bible to Current Topics. 

Sunday Morning

The culture around us so dominates the discussion of truth today that our Christian witness appears to have no credibility left. However, neither isolation nor aggressive culture
warring are adequate solutions.


Instead, churches must equip believers to read and understand the Bible correctly so that they can answer the intellectual, philosophical, and moral challenges they confront in the world. The field of evidential apologetics is a species of Christian evangelism uniquely useful for the Church today.


This basic course on evidential apologetics introduces participants to a useful and encouraging approach to defending the Christian faith and giving a reason for your hope in Jesus Christ.

Course Outline:
1. What is the relationship between faith and reason?
2. Are all religions compatible? (Proposition 1)
3. Can we know the truth? (Proposition 2)
4. Can we know the past? (Proposition 3)
5. Can we trust the Bible? (Proposition 4)
6. Does life have meaning? (Proposition 5)
7. What hope do we have? (Proposition 6)

Join us each Sunday morning at 8:15am in November and December for this exciting Bible study .

Women's Bible Study
Held Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30 PM for all girls and women ages 15 and up. 
Current Study: The Book of Matthew
Men's Breakfast Bible Study
Held Fridays the week before the Church Council meetings at 6:00AM.
*Location subject to Change*